Case Study: OK To Travel's Website Transformation and SEO Enhancement
Ok To Travel
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Ok To Travel

St Neots, Cambridgeshire


OK To Travel is a specialist medical travel insurance provider offering comprehensive coverage for a variety of pre-existing medical conditions. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they aim to provide insurance for individuals, couples, families, and groups traveling to Europe or worldwide, without imposing any age restrictions on their policies​​. Their services and offerings, including an easy-to-use instant quote system and four levels of cover, demonstrate a customer-centric approach to travel insurance​.


Despite having a strong product offering and a dedicated customer base, OK To Travel faced a few challenges that were limiting their online presence and customer reach:

  • Their website required a fresh design and build to better serve their customers and enhance their online image.
  • They needed to improve their search engine visibility to reach a larger audience.
  • The mobile version of the website needed enhancements for a better user experience.
  • The website’s loading speed needed to be improved for a seamless customer experience.


To overcome these challenges, we undertook a comprehensive website rebuild, added Feefo for customer reassurance, enhanced the website’s SEO, and optimised the mobile version and site speed.

Website Rebuild

We revamped the entire website with a focus on user-friendly design, improved functionality, and a seamless navigation experience. The new design reflects OK To Travel’s commitment to customer service and their expert status in the industry.

Feefo Integration

Understanding the importance of customer reviews and the reassurance they provide to potential customers, we integrated Feefo into OK To Travel’s website. This independent customer review system allows for the collection of genuine customer feedback, enhancing OK To Travel’s credibility and providing purchase reassurance to potential clients​.

SEO Enhancement

We worked on improving the website’s SEO to increase its visibility in search engine results. We optimised the website content with relevant keywords related to travel insurance, such as “Travel Insurance for Seniors”, “Covid-19 Travel Insurance”, and “Cruise Insurance”​​.

Mobile Optimisation and Site Speed Improvement

With the growing trend of mobile browsing, we improved the mobile version of the website, ensuring a responsive design and a seamless user experience across devices. We also worked on site speed optimisation, reducing the average load time significantly, which is especially important considering the average mobile page load time is 8.6 seconds​​.

Improved User Experience
Increased Credibility
Enhanced Online Visibility
Seamless Mobile Experience