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Appliance Superstore

Maidstone, Kent, UK

How We Revitalised Appliance Superstore’s Digital Presence with a Full Website Redesign and Google Shopping

Appliance Superstore needed to increase their online reach and attract more customers. They came to us for help, and we were able to completely revitalise their digital presence with a full website redesign and integration with Google Shopping.  Let’s take a look at how we were able to help them reach new heights.

Full Website Redesign

We started by working on the overall design of the website. We updated their theme to make it visually stunning, while also making sure the navigation was easy to use. This meant that customers could find what they wanted quickly and easily, increasing the amount of time they spent browsing the site. We also made sure that all images were optimised, so that loading times were fast and smooth even on slower internet connections.  With our website design, Appliance Superstore was able to make a strong first impression on potential customers right away.

Google Shopping

Once the website was designed, it was time to maximise its visibility with an integration into Google Shopping. By connecting their product listings in Google Ads with their product pages on their website, we were able to give them greater exposure online through paid search campaigns. This resulted in an increase in sales from both organic traffic from search engine result pages as well as shoppers coming directly from Google Ads campaigns.  As part of our optimisation process, we also set up tracking code so that they could measure the ROI of each campaign accurately going forward. 


The end result? Appliance Superstore saw an increase in both organic traffic and conversions within weeks of launching the redesigned website and integrating it with Google Shopping campaigns. Our work enabled them to build better relationships with potential customers by giving them a great user experience throughout their journey from search results page all the way through checkout – proving yet again why website design combined with effective digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools available for businesses today!

Outstanding Average Monthly ROI 9500% (and no that's not a typo!)
Highly optimised Google Shopping Campaigns