Case Study: Cooleraid’s Digital Transformation & SEO Boost
Conceptual design for the Cooleraid water bottle with their company brand slogan on it.
Cooleraid branded vehicles all designed in keeping with the company branding.


Web Design | Newmarket, Suffolk


As a leading water cooler provider, Cooleraid has always focused on quality. However, they recognised the need for a more robust digital presence to match their commitment to top-tier services. We stepped in to assist with a complete website rebuild, comprehensive SEO strategy, and a full-scale rebranding that included van and signage makeover.

The Challenge

Cooleraid had a website that was functional, but it didn’t reflect the company’s high standard of service. A lack of SEO optimisation hindered their online visibility, and the absence of an enquiry form on product pages affected customer conversions. On top of that, their brand aesthetics were in dire need of an update.

The Strategy

We initiated a multifaceted plan aimed at addressing each challenge with innovative solutions.

Website Rebuild

First, we rebuilt Cooleraid’s website from the ground up. Our aim was to create an intuitive, user-friendly interface that not only looked appealing but also facilitated seamless navigation for the users. To enhance customer engagement, we added enquiry forms on every product page, enabling customers to easily reach out with their queries and making conversions more likely.

SEO Improvement

Simultaneously, we put our best efforts into enhancing the SEO of the website. We employed data-driven techniques to identify highly searched industry-specific keywords like “best water cooler provider,” “high-quality water coolers,” and “water cooler service.” This targeted approach made Cooleraid more visible to search engines, boosting its online presence.


Lastly, to modernise the company’s image and foster brand cohesion, we undertook a complete rebranding. This included the design of their vans and signage to match the new website’s aesthetic and reflect the company’s renewed commitment to excellence.

The Outcome

As a result of the strategies implemented, Cooleraid experienced significant growth in web traffic, increased lead generation and conversions, and an overall strengthened brand image. Their new digital identity has resonated with customers, establishing a stronger online footprint.

Increased Web Traffic
Enhanced Conversions
Boosted Visibility
Reinvigorated Brand Image