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Redesigning a Website and Building a New Quote System

The website for Oxfam GB Supply Centre was outdated and difficult to use, so we set out to create an entirely new website design and build a quote system into it. In this case study, we will look at how we were able to take their existing website and transform it into a modern, easy to navigate platform that is both visually appealing and easy to use.

Creating the Design

The first step in creating the new website for Oxfam GB Supply Centre was designing a new look. We wanted to create something that was modern, yet still reflected the company’s humanitarian mission. To achieve this, we used muted colours and minimalist design elements with plenty of whitespace. This gave the site an airy feel while still making sure all the necessary information was visible.

Building the Quote System

The next step in building the new website was creating a quote system that would make ordering equipment easier for customers. We started by first gathering information about what types of equipment customers would need and what kind of quotes they required. Then, based on this information, we created an intuitive quote system that allows customers to quickly generate accurate quotes for their needs. This system also allows us to track customer orders so they can be easily monitored and managed in one place.

Testing & Launch

Once the design and quote system were completed, we conducted rigorous testing to ensure everything worked as expected before launching it live. During testing, our team identified any potential issues or areas for improvement before finalising the project. Finally, when everything had been tested and approved, we launched the new website for Oxfam GB Supply Centre!


With our help, Oxfam GB Supply Centre now has an easy-to-use website with a modern design that reflects their humanitarian mission perfectly. The new quote system makes it simple for customers to get accurate quotes quickly while allowing us to manage orders more efficiently. We are proud of what we have achieved with this project and excited to see how it continues to benefit them in the future! If you’re looking for help redesigning your website or building custom software solutions, contact us today!

Streamlined a complicated Quote request process for customers
Modern user friendly website design
Optimised the user experience to minimise pain points
Made it simple and easy for Oxfam Staff to lookup products and Specifications