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West Thurrock, Essex

How We Achieved Success with Web Design, PPC Marketing, Logo Design & SEO

Every business owner has their own unique story and the story of Paints4Trade is no different. This vibrant company has been around for over 20 years and has evolved from a small family-run business to a UK wide enterprise. They decided to take their online presence to the next level by engaging us to help them with web design, PPC marketing, logo design, and SEO. Let’s explore how each of these elements helped Paints4Trade succeed in the digital age.

Web Design

We started by creating an entirely new website for Paints4Trade that was visually appealing yet user friendly. Our team worked closely with the client to make sure that we incorporated all of their vision into the design process. The end result was a stunning website that showcased their products in a professional manner that resonated well with their customers. The site also had a modern, mobile friendly layout that allowed customers to easily access it from any device they wished.

PPC Marketing

Next up was Google marketing; this involved running ads on search engines such as Google or Bing in order to reach more potential customers. By Google shopping ads we were able to get more people visiting their website and increase conversions significantly within just a few days.

Logo Design

We then set about designing an eye-catching logo for the company which would become synonymous with the brand itself. After several iterations and customer feedback sessions, we settled on a strong logo which featured bold text and vibrant colors – perfect for catching the attention of potential customers! Alongside this was also designed promotional material such as paint cans and labels which helped further establish the brand identity of Paints4Trade.


Finally, we implemented SEO strategies in order to improve visibility in search engine rankings for targeted keywords related to the industry sector of paints4trade. This involved optimising existing content onsite as well as creating new content which focused on those specific keywords – something which was essential in helping improves rankings significantly within just two months!


All these efforts combined resulted in significant success for Paints4Trade – increased visibility online meant more traffic coming through their webpage resulting in more conversions overall! It just goes to show what can be achieved when you have an expert team behind you who are willing to put in extra effort into ensuring your business succeeds online – something which pays dividends far beyond what many might expect! If you’re considering taking your business online too – why not consider engaging experts like us today? You won’t regret it!

Avg Monthly ROI of 1200%
Increased overall revenue with intuitive Colour picker development
Company re-branding
Continued development of own brand products
Increased online presence with effective and planned on-page SEO