Brightwaste Case Study: Revitalising Digital Presence | Website Rebuild & SEO Optimisation
Brightwaste Showcase image for website design and build


Musselburgh, East Lothian


Brightwaste, a leading waste management and recycling company, had an underperforming website that didn’t reflect its position in the industry. The website struggled with mobile compatibility, poor SEO performance, and lacked robust content to engage its audience and attract organic traffic.


Brightwaste wanted to improve its digital presence and become a resource for its clients. The goal was to rebuild their website, optimise it for mobile users, enhance their SEO, and create new content, including a blog and service pages.


We focused on the following areas:

Website Rebuild: We redesigned the website to be user-friendly and visually appealing, ensuring it aligned with Brightwaste’s brand identity.

Blog Creation: We established a blog to provide valuable content to visitors. Topics were focused on waste management best practices, recycling tips, industry news, and more.

Services Pages: We crafted new service pages that clearly highlighted the range of services Brightwaste offers, providing comprehensive information on each offering.

Improved Mobile Compatibility: Recognising the increasing importance of mobile browsing, we ensured the new website had a responsive design to improve the experience for mobile users.

Execution and Implementation

We conducted a complete website overhaul and crafted the content around highly searched terms such as “waste management services,” “recycling solutions,” “industrial waste disposal,” and “residential waste collection.”

The blog was updated regularly with posts designed around SEO-friendly topics, ensuring relevant, high-quality content that resonates with Brightwaste’s audience.

On the services pages, we detailed Brightwaste’s extensive offerings, using SEO techniques to improve the visibility of these pages in search engines.

Finally, we enhanced the website’s mobile compatibility, guaranteeing a smooth, seamless experience for users across all devices.


The website rebuild and SEO optimisation resulted in significant improvements in Brightwaste’s online visibility and user engagement.

Increased Website Traffic
Improved Mobile
Enhanced Brand Image
Improved Site Speed