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We Did It! Achieving a 99/100 Performance Rating on Google Pagespeed Insights

We Did It! Achieving a 99/100 Performance Rating on Google Pagespeed Insights

By Corsto Blog Team
Google Pagespeed Insights

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved a 99/100 rating on Google’s Pagespeed Insights on both Mobile and Desktop. This means that our website is now faster, more user-friendly and provides an improved web experience for all visitors. Our team worked hard to ensure that all elements of our site were optimised for performance, resulting in improved website speed, fewer requests, smaller page size and improved caching. So don’t take our word for it – see it for yourself and be sure to check out our awesome new site! 

What Is Google Pagespeed Insights? 

Google Pagespeed Insights is an online tool used by website owners to measure their website performance on both mobile devices and desktop computers. The tool evaluates the loading times of your website pages and provides insights into how you can improve those times. It also tells you exactly how long it takes your webpage to load, as well as the number of requests made during loading, the size of your page, and any caching issues. 

What Does Optimising Your Website Mean? 

Optimising your website involves making small changes that result in big improvements in page loading speeds. This can include reducing the number of requests made when a visitor visits your page (e.g., removing unnecessary images or scripts), reducing the size of files sent from server to browser (e.g., compressing images), enabling caching so frequently visited pages can be quickly accessed without having to reload from the server each time, and ensuring code is clean and efficient (e.g., minifying HTML). These are just a few examples of what you can do to optimise your website for better performance ratings on Google Pagespeed Insights.

How Did We Achieve Our 99/100 Rating? 

We adopted a comprehensive approach to optimising our website which included reducing requests, minimising file sizes, enabling caching where necessary and improving code efficiency by minifying HTML code etc. All these steps cumulatively resulted in us achieving a high rating across both mobile devices and desktop computers – something we are immensely proud of!