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Stansted Paving
Homepage of Stansted Paving's website, displaying the company's logo, navigation menu, a search bar, and a high-quality image of a landscaped garden featuring their paving slabs.
Screenshot of the Old York Concrete Paving Slabs product page on Stansted Paving website, showcasing options for colour and size selection with secure payment icons for Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Klarna, and Google Pay.
Interface of Stansted Paving's custom paving calculator feature, showing input fields for width and length and a dropdown for slab size selection with a 'Calculate' button.

Stansted Paving

Takeley, Stansted, Essex

Paving Supplier’s E-Commerce Overhaul

A prominent UK-based paving supplier, specialising in superior paving and patio slabs, recently underwent a substantial e-commerce website overhaul. The project aimed to enhance the online shopping experience, expand payment options, and introduce versatile financing solutions. A notable addition was a custom-built paving calculator, a feature designed to streamline customer purchases.

Website Revamp & Payment Expansion Goals

  • Revamp Website Design: To create a user-friendly, conversion-optimised online platform.
  • Expand Payment Methods: Addition of debit/credit card, PayPal, Klarna, and Clearpay.
  • Introduce Flexible Financing: Integration of various financing options to facilitate customer purchases.
  • Implement a Paving Calculator: Develop a bespoke tool for accurate product quantity estimation.

Responsive Design & Payment Integration

  • User Interface Upgrade: A focus on responsive design and intuitive navigation to ensure seamless user interaction.
  • Payment Gateway Expansion: Seamless integration of multiple payment options.
  • Financing Options Integration: Offering customers flexible payment plans through various financing methods.
  • Custom Paving Calculator Creation: A unique feature on specific product pages, aiding customers in precise calculation of paving needs.

Boosted Engagement & Sales Post-Revamp

  • Elevated User Engagement: The paving calculator notably increased user interaction, leading to more informed purchasing decisions.
  • Wider Payment Acceptance: Broadened customer reach and improved sales figures.
  • Enhanced Purchase Accessibility: The variety of financing options attracted a larger customer base.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: The website’s improved functionality and new features contributed to higher sales conversions.
User-Friendly Design: Streamlined browsing and purchasing.
Varied Payment Choices: Increased options for customer convenience.
Flexible Financing Solutions: Catering to diverse customer needs.
Innovative Paving Calculator: Enhanced product selection accuracy.