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The Galleon
Image of the Galleon Bistro website redesign showcasing various device sizes.Mobile phone showing the Our story page of The Galleon Bistro website
The Galleon Bistro's New website with an optimised food menu

The Galleon

Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland

The Fantastic Transformation of Galleon Restaurant’s Website 

The Galleon Bistro restaurant is a family-owned seafood restaurant in the heart of Tobermory, Isle Of Mull. When they hired us to redesign their website, they were looking to create something that was easy to maintain and update as needed. We were happy to take on the challenge and are proud to share with you how we helped them achieve success with their new website! 

The Process

We began by analysing the existing site, taking stock of the content that was already there, what could be improved upon, and what should be removed entirely. We then created user persona profiles based on our research into who would be visiting their site and what types of information they would be looking for. With this data in hand, we were able to develop a new design that focused on creating an easy-to-navigate experience for users while still highlighting the restaurant’s unique offerings. 

Our Solution 

We began by creating a new website using our Go Edit Builder platform, which allowed us to customise the layout and functionality of the site. Our design team worked closely with the owners at The Galleon to ensure that all elements of the website were tailored to their needs. We paid special attention to making sure there were plenty of visual elements throughout the site, as well as key information about menu items, hours of operation, contact info and more. 


The finished product was a sleek and modern website designed specifically for mobile devices as well as desktops. It was clean, intuitively designed, and made it easy for visitors to find exactly what they were looking for quickly and efficiently. The Galleon team was thrilled with the results not only did they have a responsive website but they also had an easy way to manage it without any technical expertise! Overall, this case study demonstrates how a simple redesign can have huge payoffs when done right – something we strive to do every time here at Corsto Web Design!

Modern Design
Optimised for mobile
Clean and clear branding