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March May
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March May

Saint Neots, Cambridgeshire


March May, an industry-leading provider of pump products, recognised the need to enhance their online presence and user experience to improve conversions and boost their digital marketing efforts. They approached us to strategise and execute a complete website rebuild, revamp their pump product filtering, add enquiry forms to product pages, and optimise their search engine visibility.

Project Implementation

Website Rebuild: Recognising that the website is the face of the business in the digital age, our first step was to revitalise March May’s existing site. The new structure was crafted with a focus on user-centric design, enhanced mobile compatibility, and streamlined navigation to create an immersive, engaging, and accessible online environment for the customers.

Improved Filtering: Considering the wide array of pump products March May offers, we overhauled the product filtering system. This allows users to easily search for specific pump products based on different parameters, such as material, application, flow, and pressure, enhancing user navigation and satisfaction.

Enquiry Forms: To further enhance conversions, we added an enquiry form to every product page. This intuitive tool allows potential customers to request additional information about specific products, streamlining the conversion funnel, and providing March May with valuable lead generation data.

SEO Optimisation: To increase March May’s visibility and bolster their organic traffic, we focused on extensive on-page SEO optimisations. We carefully selected highly-searched industry keywords such as “high-pressure pumps,” “industrial pump systems,” and “fluid handling solutions” and integrated them strategically into the website content.

Results and Benefits

Since implementing these changes, March May has seen significant improvements in user engagement, lead generation, and online visibility. Users have praised the improved navigation and the accessible enquiry forms have increased lead generation significantly. Moreover, March May’s search engine rankings have improved for key industry terms, boosting organic traffic and increasing potential customer exposure.

Enhanced User Experience
Improved Lead Generation
Increased Visibility
Amplified Brand Presence