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Lilac James | SEO Consultants

St Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK

How Lilac James Modernised Their Website with a Redesign

Businesses often need to update their websites in order to stay competitive and relevant in the digital marketplace. This is exactly what Lilac James did when they approached us for a full website redesign. We worked closely with them to create a modern, dynamic website that better reflected their brand and allowed them to engage more effectively with customers. Let's take a closer look at the process and results of this project.

The Project Overview

The first step was to analyse Lilac James' existing website and identify areas for improvement. Our team quickly identified an outdated design, poor navigation, and lack of mobile optimisation as major issues that needed to be addressed. With these insights in hand, we got to work on creating a new design that would be modern, easy-to-navigate, optimised for mobile devices, and fully compliant with the latest web standards.

The Results

After months of hard work by our team and Lilac James, the new website was unveiled! The results were impressive, not only did the site look great, but it was also much easier for users to navigate thanks to improved navigation menus. Additionally, the site was now optimised for mobile devices so users could access it from any device without issue. Finally, Lilac James SEO efforts helped boost their organic search traffic significantly - something that would continue to pay dividends long after launch day!


At Corsto we are proud of our role in helping Lilac James modernise their web presence with a comprehensive redesign project. We believe that this case study showcases our commitment to delivering high-quality results through collaboration with other comprises in our industry. As always we look forward to continuing our partnership with Lilac James as a trusted partner in digital marketing solutions going forward!

Improved On page SEO
Greatly Improved page loading speed
Gave the ability to fully edit and expand the new website with Go Edit website builder.